spend360 accelerates growth in USA with Spend Matters

LONDON, 27th August 2015 – Spend360, a world leader in spend analysis , has entered into a major sponsorship contract with Spend Matters, the largest online B2B procurement and supply chain destination in the US. 


LONDON, 27th August 2015 – Spend360,  a world leader in spend analysis , has entered into a major sponsorship contract with Spend Matters, the largest online B2B procurement and supply chain destination in the US.  

Spend360 will create joint thought leadership, webinars and on-going content contribution alongside Spend Matters analysts on the challenges, opportunities and alternatives in the complex topic of Spend Analysis.

“To date we have grown in the US by word of mouth amongst some very senior stakeholders and we are seeing a growth in inbound enquiries within the USA.” said Paddy Lawton, Founder & CEO of Spend360. “The companies there tend to be larger with more complex ERP and financial requirements which is our sweet spot in terms of accurate data delivered from multiple financial sources and with high security considerations. We are not only applying our experience but gaining a huge pool of knowledge from various industries which can be shared to the benefit of the whole procurement industry. We have 3-year roadmap to develop further services around Spend Analysis using our deep machine learning platform and we want our US customers to help shape that plan.”

Konrad Litwin, CSO at spend360 added:  “We have had a huge increase in our US customer base and it now represents around 50% of our revenues with a catalogue of success stories. The Spend Matters sponsorship is just one strand of a complex initiative to capitalise on this growth and increase support for our US customers. We identified Spend Matters as a widely visited US “hub” for procurement stakeholders to digest and share the latest development in the procurement industry and want to be part of that family and share our experiences with a wider US audience.” 

Jason Busch, Founder and Managing Director of Spend Matters commented:

“I came to know Spend360 from numerous friends and colleagues in the industry, some of whom described them to me as the ‘heir apparent’ to another providers that specialized in spend classification. After learning about Spend360 from others, I felt late to the game in getting to know a provider that has just started to build a presence outside the UK. Over the past few months, as I’ve gotten to know the team, I’ve seen how truly passionate about spend analysis and broader procurement (and even trade financing) analytics they are, and how they are pushing the limits of line-level classification. At the same time, Spend 360’s name has come up with an increasing number of our subscribers and readers across the procurement, private equity and consulting sectors who are already working with them.” 

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