Data Cleansing

Spend360’s Data Cleansing solution makes use of our unique Artificial Intelligence software, developed with a leading UK university, to detect and correct corrupt, inaccurate or incomplete records in your procurement systems.

The AI software normalises, enriches and classifies your complete procurement profile, eliminating the need for costly, inefficient and time-consuming rules-based integration and transformation of raw data.

Using “fuzzy” matching, our AI software interrogates your data and compares it with our database to ensure that similar item descriptions, company names and other information is identified and corrected automatically.

The spend360 database comprises several million pieces of information complied over two decades of major procurement projects across many sectors worldwide. It transforms highly complex global data into simple and actionable information to make your procurement more effective.

Our AI methodology makes the data cleansing process much faster than traditional rules-based approaches, taking days rather than weeks or months and presenting the results in customisable form for immediate business use.

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