Supplier Compliance

Spend360’s Supplier Compliance solution offers a fast and simple way to eliminate some of the problems commonly arising in large and complex supplier bases.

It identifies multiple payment terms in which a supplier is contracted by different parts of your business to offer similar goods or services.

Supplier Compliance enables you reduce inefficient “maverick” procurement by identifying spend under management and that which is unapproved.

“Parent-child” relationships, in which a supplier by one name is in reality the parent of one or more subsidiaries can also be quickly identified using Spend360’s Supplier Compliance solution — enabling you to take immediate action to maximise procurement effectiveness.

Spend360’s Supplier Compliance is based on our data covering a huge range of companies operating worldwide, generated from years of experience tracking and registering commercial operations in many sectors.

Spend360 has grown from over 20 years of procurement best practice, large-scale data quality integration, interrogation and the development of a unique Artificial Intelligence approach to provide dynamic, actionable information anywhere in the world, synchronised, in multiple languages and currencies.

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