Spend360 named as ‘one to watch’ by Spend Matters

London, May 2016 Spend360, a world leader in spend analysis, has been named as one of the 50 to Watch in the spend analysis arena by independent research and analysis organisation, Spend Matters.

The annual list was unveiled by Spend Matters at the Institute for Supply Management’s annual conference in Indianapolis.

“It’s difficult — and getting even more so — to make Spend Matters’ 50/50 lists, and we’re thrilled spend360 made it onto the 2016 Spend Matters 50 to Watch list,” said Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters. “This list is the product of intense, debate, discussion and refinement each year by our analysts. This year saw new coverage areas and increased competition among providers in existing segments. Spend360 earned a deserved spot as one of the procurement providers worth getting to know in 2016.”

Paddy Lawton, founder and CEO of spend360 said: “We are delighted to have made it into the 50 to Watch list. Being named by an independent analyst further indorses our technology and processes. At spend360 we are proud to do things differently using leading-edge techniques. Our Deep Learning engine means we are able to classify data significantly faster and more accurately than more traditional rules-based systems.”

See the 50 to watch list here

For more information on spend360 please contact: Sara Driscoll, Content and Marketing director – sara.driscoll@spend360.com