Spend Analysis Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis from Spend360 provides deep insight into your procurement activity of all types, from all sources, across your entire supplier base.

This enables you to produce cash savings and procurement efficiencies through key activities including strategic sourcing, contract management, e-auctions, compliance and supplier consolidation.

Research shows that even the biggest companies often do not have full, accurate and scaleable spend analysis capability. A large proportion of spend is not properly managed, resulting in duplication, waste and high procurement costs.

Further, many organisations run several systems to access spend data, creating unnecessary complexity, poor quality data and inefficiency.

Spend360 addresses these issues in a single solution sitting above existing systems, gathering detailed data, cleansing it and presenting a fully customisable report anywhere in the world in multiple languages and currencies.

We believe security is essential. Our unique solution ensures that your confidential data remains in-house within your own systems at all times.

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See what our customers say about spend360:

Kai Shayler, Global Finance, MI, Analytics & Communications Manager, HSBC

HSBC Logo“We’ve been a customer of spend360 for some years now and yet continue to be impressed at their enthusiasm and dedication to providing new and innovative ways to enhance the data analysis solutions they provide to our organisation. The team have made significant efforts to understand the intricacies (and limitations) of our company’s systems and processes, and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to help provide solutions that work for us. There’s a lot more to do, but we’re confident we’ll achieve it with the support of spend360.”

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Data Cleansing

Spend360’s Data Cleansing solution makes use of our unique Artificial Intelligence software, developed with a leading UK university, to detect and correct corrupt, inaccurate or incomplete records in your procurement systems.

The AI software normalises, enriches and classifies your complete procurement profile, eliminating the need for costly, inefficient and time-consuming rules-based integration and transformation of raw data.

Using “fuzzy” matching, our AI software interrogates your data and compares it with our database to ensure that similar item descriptions, company names and other information is identified and corrected automatically.

The spend360 database comprises several million pieces of information complied over two decades of major procurement projects across many sectors worldwide. It transforms highly complex global data into simple and actionable information to make your procurement more effective.

Our AI methodology makes the data cleansing process much faster than traditional rules-based approaches, taking days rather than weeks or months and presenting the results in customisable form for immediate business use.

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Due Diligence

Detailed information on suppliers using the world’s biggest business datasets is available at the click of a mouse through Spend360 Due Diligence. Reed Elsevier A partnership with global leader Lexis Nexis, part of the Reed Elsevier Group, enables Spend360 Due Diligence to provide comprehensive data including company filings, media coverage, director biographies and international legal case histories.

The pay-per-search service using Lexis® Diligence offers:

  • Company profiles and reports
  • Access to more than 150 global company financial report and director databases

Media coverage

Instant search of more than 23,000 English and non-English language news databases including international, national and regional newspapers, journals, blogs and newswires

Biographical information

Extensive biographies of political and high net worth individuals.
Lexis Diligence

PEP lists

More than 800,000 biographies on politically exposed persons and their associates.

International sanctions and watch lists

Reliable data on terrorists, criminals, organisations and disqualified entities from all key sources.

Legal history

Details of US, UK, EU and commonwealth legal cases potentially impacting on risk.

Country risk data

Reports and news content search to assess threats to business worldwide.
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Supplier Compliance

Spend360’s Supplier Compliance solution offers a fast and simple way to eliminate some of the problems commonly arising in large and complex supplier bases.

It identifies multiple payment terms in which a supplier is contracted by different parts of your business to offer similar goods or services.

Supplier Compliance enables you reduce inefficient “maverick” procurement by identifying spend under management and that which is unapproved.

“Parent-child” relationships, in which a supplier by one name is in reality the parent of one or more subsidiaries can also be quickly identified using Spend360’s Supplier Compliance solution — enabling you to take immediate action to maximise procurement effectiveness.

Spend360’s Supplier Compliance is based on our data covering a huge range of companies operating worldwide, generated from years of experience tracking and registering commercial operations in many sectors.

Spend360 has grown from over 20 years of procurement best practice, large-scale data quality integration, interrogation and the development of a unique Artificial Intelligence approach to provide dynamic, actionable information anywhere in the world, synchronised, in multiple languages and currencies.

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